[workshop] Who needs books?

The first out of four workshops titled “Kome danas trebaju knjige? [Who needs books?]” was organized as a part of the project Zašto mladi trebaju čitati popularnoznanstvene tekstove, i to odmah? [Why young people should read popular science texts right now?].
This project is immediately connected to The national strategy to revive book reading (2017-2022) and to the Year of Reading in Croatia. 
There were over 500 attendees (160 teachers of various school subjects and over 400 students). Anita Peti-Stantić and Vedrana Stantić were the moderators of the workshop who spoke to Mirela Barbaroša Šikić and Anda Bukvić Pažin, advocates of reading and avid readers themselves. 
During the conversation about books and reading special attention was paid to excerpts from the books published with Naklada Ljevak [Ljevak publishing house] which have the intention to encourage young people to read popular science literature: 
Vedrana Stantić and Anita Peti-Stantić (2021). Znati(želja): Zašto mladi tebaju čitati popularnoznanstvene tekstove, i to odmah? [Why young people should read popular science texts, and why they should do it right now.]
Anita Peti-Stantić and Vedrana Stantić (2021).(eds.) Putovanje u nepoznato: Zašto se bavim znanošću i kako je došlo do toga? [A trip to the unknown: Why am I a scientist and how did I become one?]
The workshops are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the Education and Teacher Training Agency of the Republic of Croatia, Ljevak publishing house [Naklada Ljevak] and the CSF project MEGACRO: The Building Blocks of Croatian Mental Grammar: Constraints of Information Structure.
The video recording of the workshop is available here

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