Object Agreement Across Barriers 2019

“Object Agreement Across Barriers 2019 is organized as part of the Leverhulme project Agreement Mismatches in Experimental Syntax: from Slavic to Bantu in collaboration with the local Croatian Science Foundation project The Building Blocks of Croatian Mental Grammar: Constraints of Information Structure (MEGACRO).  Agreement Mismatches in Experimental Syntax: from Slavic to Bantu studies the patterns of gender agreement in coordination with a uniform methodology in six locations across South Slavic area and three locations across South Africa to enrich, strengthen and reinforce the comparative analysis of two typologically unrelated language families by means of the experimental methodology. ” (source text: UCL)
Venue: Rectorate, University of Zagreb
Date: 16 and 17 September 2019


Jana Willer Gold and Anita Peti-Stantić, two researchers from the MEGACRO project, will present their work on “Aux Clitic Drop in Object Clauses: Interaction of Person, Gender and Case” on the 17th of September. 

Conference program:  available here.

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